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Criminal Defense and Speeding Ticket
Attorneys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you are arrested and accused of a crime you may panic even when you know you are innocent. Remember the police are not there to assist you. You must exercise your right to counsel and stop talking to the authorities. Call our office after hours, and leave a message. The message is sent to an attorney via email wherever they are and they will respond.

We will thoroughly review your case and build a strong, intuitive strategy on how to proceed. We will speak honestly and tell you what we believe is the likely outcome of the case. Giving you false hope serves no one and only leads to disappointment. Our lawyers will use every measure that can be used under the law to help you fight this criminal prosecution.

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Speeding Tickets, Traffic Violations, and Driver's License Revocations

If you've somehow found yourself facing some kind of issue surrounding your driving record, it's important that you get an attorney on your side today. At German & Troyer, we work diligently because we understand that your needs are important. Traffic violations, driver's license revocations, and speeding tickets are more than annoying. They can have serious, long-lasting consequences. Some of these include:

  • Increased insurance rates

  • Loss of driver's license points

  • License Suspension

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

At our firm, we understand that you are confronting a difficult time in your life. Because of this, we also know how imperative it is that you get aggressive advocacy, honesty, and empathy. Most importantly, you need someone who will work diligently for your freedom. If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney or a speeding ticket lawyer, reach out to our firm today and schedule a free consultation. We proudly serve those in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas. We also serve clients in need of a bankruptcy, estate planning, or wills and trusts attorney. Calling our office now will serve you in the long run.